History of the Barclay Jones Grant

Barclay Jones. Photo courtesy of Michael Tomlan.

Barclay Jones. Photo courtesy of Michael Tomlan.

Funds for the Barclay Jones Research Grant program are drawn from what is now known as the Barclay G. Jones Memorial Fund. In the late 1980s, HPPA established the Barclay G. Jones Memorial Fund in honor of Professor Barclay Jones, one of the two professors who began preservation education at Cornell University. The initial money to establish the fund came from special contributions from HPPA members, with a matching gift from Professor Michael Tomlan. The Barclay G. Jones Memorial Fund supports student field trips and research. The latter began in earnest at the turn of the 21st Century and is now managed as the Barclay Jones Research Grant

Past Recipients


Beth Burns

Carolyn Gimbal

Olivia Heckendorf

Hannah Miller

Jill Miller


Sena Kayasu, M.A. Candidate

Claire Meyer, M.A. Candidate

Maryam Rabi, M.A. Candidate

Michelle Van Meter, M.A. Candidate


Andrew Roblee, M.A. Candidate

Shannon Cilento, M.A. Candidate

Jennifer Rowan, M.A. Candidate

Olivia White, M.A. Candidate


Ana Felisa Huckfeldt, M.A. Candidate

John Southern, M.A. Candidate

Lei Yang, M.A. Candidate


Maria Gabriela Brito, M.A. Candidate

Thesis: "The Development of the California Style in Argentina and its Relation with the California Mission Style"

Rashmi Gajare, M.A. Candidate

Thesis: "Sustainable Design Certification Systems and Historic Preservation"

Jiageng Zhu, M.A. Candidate

Thesis: "Restoration of Railway Stations and Station Area Redevelopment in Tokyo"


Anisha Arabolu, M.A.

Thesis: "A Case Study of Two Rail-Trails"

Qing Cheng, M.A. Candidate

Thesis: Interpretation and exhibition of Chinese historic houses/rooms in American museums

Emily Giacomarra, M.A. Candidate

Thesis: Preservation education methods and programs in K-12 public school systems in the U.S.

Swapna Kothari, M.A.

Thesis: "Understanding Heritage Management - Case Studies With Interviews in the Field of Historic Preservation in Cambodia"


Sarah Rodriguez, M.A. Candidate

Thesis: "Preservation and re-use of superblock worker housing"


Katie Coffield, M.A.

Thesis: "Keeping Post Offices Public: Three Case Studies on the Disposal and Rehabilitation of Historic Post Offices"

Mahyar Hadighi, M.A. Candidate

Thesis: "Modern Domestic Architecture In and Around Ithaca, NY: The 'Fallingwaters' of Raymond Viner-Hall"

Jonathon Rusch, M.A.

Thesis: "Single Room Occupancy Hotels, Historic Preservation, and the Fate of Seattle's Skid Road"


Jessica A. Follman, M.A. Candidate

Thesis topic: The conservation and curatorship of historic wallpaper

Bill Marzella, M.A.

Thesis: "A Cultural landscape Report for Hyde Hall National Historic Landmark"

Greg Prichard, M.A.

Thesis: "Overbrook to Paoli: The History and Future of Main Line's Train Stations"

Emma Waterloo, M.A.

Thesis: "Under the Big Apple: A Retrospective of Preservation Practice and the New York City Subway System"