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Barclay Jones Research Grant

Historic Preservation Planning Alumni, Inc. (HPPA) supports the Historic Preservation Planning program at Cornell University and its participants. The Barclay Jones Research Grant program is one way that HPPA achieves this objective – by making a financial commitment to assist graduate students in the Cornell Historic Preservation Planning program complete their theses and dissertations. Ultimately, the goal of the grant program is to strengthen the Historic Preservation Planning program through student contribution.


Funds for the grant program are drawn from what is now known as the Barclay G. Jones Memorial Fund. In the late 1980s, HPPA established the Barclay G. Jones Memorial Fund in honor of Professor Barclay Jones, one of the two professors who began preservation education at Cornell University. The initial money to establish the fund came from special contributions from HPPA members, with a matching gift from Professor Michael Tomlan. The Barclay G. Jones Memorial Fund supports student field trips and research. The latter began in earnest at the turn of the 21st Century and is now managed as the Barclay Jones Research Grant.

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Eligible Applicants

Cornell University students who are either MA candidates in the Historic Preservation Planning program or PhD candidates in the City and Regional Planning program with a research focus in historic preservation.

Eligible Expenses

Thesis and dissertation research-related costs directly incurred by the grant recipient; e.g., travel, printing, library fees, etc. 

While requests for funding to cover expenses incurred prior to grant award are not encouraged, they will be considered in certain instances with appropriate financial documentation and a written explanation, to be included in this grant application.

Maximum Grant Request ($)

$200. Half is disbursed after successful application, half at completion of the research and submittal of final report.

Final Report and Acknowledgement Requirements

Upon completion of the work for which the grant has been given, the student is expected to complete a financial accounting and a written summary of what was accomplished. The reporting form is available on the HPPA web site. In addition, the student is required to acknowledge the support from the Barclay Jones Research Grant and Historic Preservation Planning Alumni, Inc. in their thesis or dissertation and any presentations or publications based on the funded research.


Application Deadline

October 15, 2018 at 4:00PM ET

Past Recipients


Sena Kayasu, M.A. Candidate

Claire Meyer, M.A. Candidate

Maryam Rabi, M.A. Candidate

Michelle Van Meter, M.A. Candidate


Andrew Roblee, M.A. Candidate

Shannon Cilento, M.A. Candidate

Jennifer Rowan, M.A. Candidate

Olivia White, M.A. Candidate


Ana Felisa Huckfeldt, M.A. Candidate

John Southern, M.A. Candidate

Lei Yang, M.A. Candidate


Maria Gabriela Brito, M.A. Candidate
Thesis: "The Development of the California Style in Argentina and its Relation with the California Mission Style"

Rashmi Gajare, M.A. Candidate
Thesis: "Sustainable Design Certification Systems and Historic Preservation"

Jiageng Zhu, M.A. Candidate
Thesis: "Restoration of Railway Stations and Station Area Redevelopment in Tokyo"


Anisha Arabolu, M.A. 

Qing Cheng, M.A. Candidate
Thesis:  Interpretation and exhibition of Chinese historic houses/rooms in American museums

Emily Giacomarra, M.A. Candidate
Thesis:  Preservation education methods and programs in K-12 public school systems in the U.S.

Swapna Kothari, M.A. 


Sarah Rodriguez, M.A. Candidate


Katie Coffield, M.A. 

Mahyar Hadighi, M.A. Candidate 
Jonathon Rusch, M.A.  


Jessica A. Follman, M.A. Candidate 

Bill Marzella, M.A. 

Greg Prichard, M.A.

Emma Waterloo, M.A. 

Stark Continuing Education Grant

Historic Preservation Planning Alumni, Inc. (HPPA) created the Will Stark Continuing Education Grant program in 2016 to support alumni seeking to enhance their preservation education. Will Stark (1999) exemplified the values of lifelong learning, and the grant honors his commitment to excellence through education. This competitive grant is intended to help alumni pursue specialized training that may otherwise be financially impossible. In 2019, up to $500 will be distributed.

Please consider to help us to raise money to ensure the program can last for a minimum of 20 years. 

Eligible Applicants

Alumni of Cornell’s Historic Preservation Planning MA Program are eligible to apply. Applicants must be planning to attend a conference/training/workshop held between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. Members of the HPPA Board of Directors and of the HPPA grants committee are ineligible during their period of service and oversight.  

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include conference, class, or workshop related expenses, including registration, travel, lodging, and required training materials. Other expenses not listed here may be approved on a case-by-case basis, as the committee recognizes that different education sessions may have different requirements.

Maximum Grant Request

The maximum grant request is $500. Half of the award ($250) is disbursed after the proposal’s acceptance. The second half will be disbursed at completion of the training and necessary documentation.

Final Report and Acknowledgement Requirements

Grantees are required to provide proof of completion, when possible, submit expense receipts, and an approximately 500-word final report. The final report will be published in the HPPA newsletter.

Deadline and Requirements

Applications are due June 1, 2019. Award announcements will be made no later than July 1, 2019.

Applications are only accepted via e-mail. Completed applications and/or questions can be directed to Shannon Cilento, Grants Committee Chairperson at:

  • Grant application form
Past Recipient

Olivia White

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